Crazy Business Ideas From Around The World That Actually Worked

If you are feeling motivated to start your small business but are unsure if your idea is too mental, or even not original enough, get some motivation from these wild business ideas from around the world. Mainly from America and Australia, individuals have been rocking the boat and making a LOT of money off of these incredibly strange businesses. We’ll list five of the top crazy business ideas, but there are a lot more out there so do a bit of research and find out where your business idea stands in this weird market.

Potato Parcel

This business lets you send notes to your loved ones (or people you don’t love so much), on a potato. Potato Parcel has gone from strength to strength and now you can get your friend’s face printed on the potato or even get a Mother’s Day themed ‘Potato Bundle’. It’s sure to surprise the recipient anyway.


If you are an aspiring country-bumpkin and would love to rear some chickens and have fresh eggs every morning, why not test it out before you commit. Rent A Chicken lets you (if you’re in the US) rent chickens and all of their kits for a whole summer so that you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for.

Eternal Reef

Love the sea? Well, this company (Eternal Reef) let you become part of the coral reef when you die. Your ashes are mixed with a cement-like mixture and this is popped at the bottom of the sea to encourage ecosystems to develop.

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If you are living in the middle of a city, and love your cat but hate cat litter, this is the product for you. CitiKitty is a toilet training tool for your cats. Based on a seat for your cat that is filled with cat litter then gradually removed, the thing apparently works.

Hangover Helpers

Unfortunately, the full service is not available in the UK. However, if you are a hungover Australian then you are in for a treat. Hangover Helpers will clean your mess made from the night before, make everyone breakfast and take out the bins. A dream right? And it’s reasonably priced.

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Hopefully, this has convinced you that no business idea is too mental for this world. People have business ideas every day but it takes a real entrepreneur with a bit of the crazy to really go out and make things work.