Is The Coronavirus Affecting Restaurants

As the London Public Health and Safety Executive makes its way through its work to keep Londoners healthy, there have been a lot of news reports highlighting the importance of knowing which London restaurants are infected with the highly contagious Coronavirus and which are not. This has led many people to start cooking at home when they find out they are infected with the virus.

However, the fact is that there are certain guidelines which must be followed in order to avoid getting infected with the virus. From Saturday, all London restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes will be subject to strict tier two coronavirus standards. Here is what this means to eating out in the capital.

One thing to note about London restaurants and bars is that many of them have a strict code of hygiene that applies to food preparation. For example, you will see that every time that a plate is removed from a kitchen to be served to someone at a restaurant, a fork is placed over the plate so that no one is able to eat their fingers while they are removing the plate. This is to prevent food from falling on other people.

Another thing that you need to make sure that you do at all London restaurants and bars is to ensure that you wash your hands after touching the food that you are eating. You also want to make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands before touching anything in a kitchen area where food is being prepared.

If you notice any signs of illness, whether it is symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, or if you see a person who has any of these symptoms eating at one of the London restaurants in your area, you should immediately go and notify your waiter or waitress at the table. The restaurant staff will be able to provide you with information and directions on how to safely remove yourself from the situation.

The other part of the criteria that the Public Health and Safety Executive have for London restaurants and bars is to make sure that any employee of the restaurant who has been ill with the virus has been given some form of personal hygiene protection such as a mask or band-aid. There are no exemptions when it comes to these regulations.

However, there are a number of London restaurants and bars that are exempt from having these stringent standards because they deal with only a few people each week. If you are eating out at an establishment that serves a limited number of people each week, then you may want to take a closer look at their safety procedures and be sure that you are not inadvertently spreading the virus to others at your table.

So when it comes to eating out in the UK’s capital, you may want to check first if the restaurant you are dining in uses these strict guidelines when it comes to hygiene and safety. You can also check on the restaurant’s website to see if they have implemented the standards in order to help ensure that your health and that you as well are protected from getting infected with the disease.