Lateral Flow Test Croydon: A Brief Guide

The vaccine rollout has been a successful process for protecting people again the COVID-19 virus and slowing its spread around the world. However, testing is still necessary in detecting which individuals are infected, allowing them to stay at home and protect others. A lateral flow test Croydon is an example of the sort of test available to individuals who may be infected.

What Is a Lateral Flow Test?

People who are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19 often use lateral flow devices (LFD) to check their infection status. Even those with symptoms can still use these tests as now in the UK, you are not required to take a PCR.

LFD testing is a simple technique to see whether you are infected at the time the test is taken. Results can be given in a timely manner within 10-60 minutes.

How Does LFD Testing Work?

Lateral flow COVID testing involves the following steps:

  • A swab sample from the patient’s nose and/or throat is collected and mixed with a buffer solution. This causes viral pieces to be released and broken down.
  • The solution is then introduced to the lateral flow device. An absorbent strip within pulls up the viral fragment-containing fluid.
  • These COVID particles move over the strip until they contact several labelled antibodies.
  • These antibodies then recognise and bind to specific COVID viral segments.
  • Antibodies that do not bind to viral components attach to the strip’s control band. This results in the appearance of a colour on the strip, indicating that the test was successful. If there is no coloured band at the control point, the test is invalid and must be repeated.
  • If the person is infected with COVID-19, another band will emerge minutes later. If no COVID-19 is found in the patient’s body, only one line will appear.

Using a Lateral Flow Test for Travel Purposes

In some countries, lateral flow tests can be used for international travel to prove that you are not infected with the virus. For example, in England, to enter the country you can purchase a lateral flow test from a government-approved private provider, and this can be used as testing proof. NHS lateral flows can not be used for international travel, they must be bought via provider. You can get results from your test within 60 minutes. However, you must ensure that this type of test is accepted in the country that you are flying to and from as some countries still only accept a PCR.

Final Words

Lateral flows Croydon is an essential method in keeping people safe from the virus and slowing down the spread. Whether you test yourself regularly or you are using these tests for travel purposes, they can be purchased online via a private provider. It is important to understand travel guidance in the countries that you are travelling to and from, as mentioned above, some do not accept lateral flows as a valid proof of negative travel testing. LFD tests are quick and easy to carry out, providing you with results within minutes, not days.