Sightseeing in London

Sightseeing in London is an experience which can be enjoyed by people of all ages. For sightseers visiting London for the first time, there are many sightseeing options available, including sightseeing buses. Sightseeing in London is a must do for anyone interested in the city’s rich history and culture. London, the largest city of England and also the UK, is a rapidly developing metropolitan city with an amazing history extending back to Roman days. In its center stand the imposing Houses of Parliament, witness the iconic clocks, and the iconic Big Ben, a witness to the history and politics of London.

Exploring The City

Along with sightseeing buses, visitors should also pay a visit to the British Museum. It houses some of the finest collections of objects relating to art, history and anthropology. The permanent exhibition hall, The National Gallery, houses some of the important works by famous artists such as Rembrandt. Besides, it is also home to a range of other exhibitions covering a wide range of disciplines.

If you are a lover of fine arts, then you will surely love The British Museum. Here you will get to view masterpieces ranging from ancient to contemporary period. Inside, you can also go through some of the most thrilling and exciting exhibitions. Taking part in sightseeing in London is not complete without taking a tour around the city and checking out some of its most popular attractions.

Culture And History

When it comes to art and culture, there is little that can beat the wonderful galleries and theatres in London. The main British museums are located in London. The National Gallery, The British Museum and The Tate Britain is among the most popular tourist attractions. The Victoria and Albert Museum and The National Portrait Gallery are also some of the finest British museums.

London sightseeing is incomplete without paying a visit to the Tower Of London. This is one of the most striking landmarks in the city. At almost 500 feet above sea level, The Tower of London is one of the tallest buildings in the world. In addition to this, it is home to some of the best monuments and churches in the world. The Tower of London is a must-see spot for all tourists. There is also a railway station called the Knightsbridge – Walbrook, which is just a stone’s throw away from the Tower.


While sightseeing in London, you won’t be able to miss a visit to the Buckingham Palace. Built in 1829 by the Queen Mother, Buckingham Palace is one of the largest royal residences in the world. It was built initially as a manor with a huge circular yard. But later, it was converted into an elegant palace with grandiose staircase. It also houses the prime minister and the queen Mother’s jewelry.