Social Media Marketing | 4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Would Benefit From Facebook

With more and more businesses moving away from traditional advertising methods like billboards and television adverts, the movement of online marketing is taking over. From Google Ads to social media marketing, it’s important for businesses big and small to keep up with their competitors (and customers) if they want to build a strong and recognisable brand. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of Facebook in particular as an effective marketing tool for any small business looking to grow their visibility in the markets.

Low-Cost Marketing

In comparison to other marketing tools, Facebook Ads are relatively cheap to run. On top of this, they are far more focused and targeted than some adverting tools, as they can target an audience based on location, age, likes and dislikes, just to name a few factors.
Even if you choose not to go down the route of paid-for adverts, having a well thought out Facebook Page can do the marketing for you, with word of mouth being your best friend on this social media platform.



Engaging With Clients

Facebook gives you the power to talk to your customers, respond to their questions and say the occasional ‘thank you’. Engagement levels with customers will build a brand loyalty to you that may not have existed before. It also can drive business as people can have their questions answered faster, and are more likely to proceed with the sale with this in mind.

Facebook ‘Places’

Facebook Places allows the customers who have actually visited your business to ‘Check In’ at your location. This is broadcasted to all of their friends and followers, who can then see your business and its location. As a form of word of mouth, this is invaluable to your business as people are more likely to trust their friends and acquaintances over official marketing campaigns.

Brand Identity

Lastly, having a Facebook Page set up and filled with engaging content, pictures and videos will help you to build a strong brand identity and personality. This will help build visibility of the brand and allow you to step apart from your competitors. It will also help you to communicate your values, therein attracting a more valuable customer to your company.