The Reasons Why You Should Use Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around for a long time. Ever since email became a big part of our lives,
companies have used it in order to engage with the consumer in order to sell their product or
service. But with the ever growing platform of social media and instant messaging, it was questioned
by some industry experts if marketing through email would make it through the modern age. The
simple answer to that question is yes. Email marketing has evolved with the times and is as effective
as ever. Here are the reasons why you should be using it:

Email Marketing Can Reach Mobile Better

Marketers are becoming more focused on mobile. Mobile phones now control our lives in many
aspects. We can do many things on them – from social media, to playing games – but they are also
used a lot of the time to check email. In a 2014 study, it was found that over fifty percent of mobile
owners in the USA used their device to check emails.
Email marketing gives companies a way to target mobile customers without having to invest heavily
in new technologies or software. Marketing through email is also more beneficial than sending text
messages. This is because they allow for more content, are free and feel less invasive than SMS.

They Keep Customers Informed

One of the best uses for marketing through email is that it can keep returning and potential
customers informed. It is a platform that allows businesses to let their customers know what is going
on – from the latest sales to general news about the company. Consumers can read it in their own
time and gives a personal touch, making them feel more connected. Customers will look for
subscriptions to emails from their favourite brands a lot of the time.

Coupons Sent By Email Improves Sales

Emails that include coupons can help improve sales both online and in-store for a company. It has
been found that consumers often subscribe to email lists in order to receive these online coupons.
While it is a way for the customer to save money it also boosts sales for businesses. More people will
be attracted to your business if it’s done right. Email is the easiest and most effective way to
distribute these e-coupons and can lead to further interaction down the line.

Other Techniques Are Easily Integrated

Not only can email marketing be integrated in to nearly every other marketing technique, it can also
be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. Depending on how skilled the person is that is
conducting your email campaign, you can make it as personalised as you want. From using peoples
individual names to customising offers – it can all be done through email.

It’s Not Expensive

Email campaigns are not only inexpensive but are also very effective and easy to do as well. It will
allow your business to reach a large audience of people for not much money. Especially for small
businesses, it makes much sense to use than the other traditional platforms such as TV, radio or
mail. It makes no sense to not conduct email campaigns when you look in to it. So get started today
in order to maximise your sales.