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Upholsterer Edinburgh Can Count On

For many local businesses, the presentation of their front of house is paramount to their success, especially for restaurants and cafes that want to make people feel comfortable in their surroundings and thus adding to the dining experience.  Keep reading to find out why an upholsterer Edinburgh deserves could help your business.

upholsterer Edinburgh

Stand Out From The Crowd With An Upholsterer Edinburgh Wants To See

Upholstery is a practice spanning back hundreds if not thousands of years, and today it is thriving thanks to the adoption of upcycling, the process of taking something old and either giving it a makeover or turning it into something new altogether. Edinburgh has always had a rich and vibrant creative arts scene, and it comes as no surprise that you can find an upholsterer Edinburgh can be proud of.

Upholsterer Edinburgh

Upcycling Meets Upholstery

Upcycling in comparison to upholstery is a relatively new concept that has become popular in recent years, driven by the desire to take goods that would otherwise be thrown away and give them a new purpose.  For example, turning an old wooden ladder into a bookshelf, or using scrap metal and bending it into a lampshade.

Upholsterer Edinburgh

Bespoke Not Bought With An Upholsterer Edinburgh

The rise of upcycling has had a direct effect on the re-upholstering trade, as more and more people are seeking to revamp an old, tired object, rather than throw it away and buy a new one altogether.  Often these pieces of furniture have been meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen, and throwing them away just seems like such a waste of talent and hard work. For a local business such as a restaurant, upholstery represents the perfect opportunity to breathe a new lease of life into their existing furniture, without spending great sums of money on new items.  It can also bring the bespoke look that many people appreciate nowadays and give the restaurant floor character, rather than the same store-bought furniture that everyone else has.


Built To Last

Re-upholstery of a chair usually makes perfect sense and in today’s ‘throw-away’ society as it keeps rubbish dumps from overflowing.  More often than not, the solid wooden frame of a chair will last hundreds of years if it is looked after.  The soft fabric and foam base however will wear with time, and depending on how it has been used, it may only last 10 or 20 years.  It is at this point that the chair can be stripped down to its bare frame, perhaps coated with some wood treatment to give it a fresh look, before being re-upholstered with fresh foam and fabric.


Better For The People, Better For The Planet

This process not only has benefits on an environmental scale, but it also drives business towards furniture makers and re-upholsterers.  You are supporting other local businesses this way, and these skilled workers put care and effort into their work so you are getting bespoke, custom items with a history and a story to tell, which is much more exciting than buying something from a showroom.  For a business looking to expand its ethical and moral boundaries, upholstery represents a great way to show its customers that care about its environmental impact.