An example of a menu at our top gluten free restaurants Glasgow.

We Review Gluten Free Restaurants Glasgow: South Indian Dakhin

For those with coeliac disease or those with a gluten intolerance, it can be extremely difficult to find a restaurant which caters to your needs. We have found some of the top gluten free restaurants Glasgow. One of our favourites is Dakhin, based in the Merchant City. We have written a short review of this restaurant to ensure those who need gluten free food know exactly what they are getting.

Read on and find out what we thought of Dakhin, one of the top gluten free restaurants Glasgow.

Limited Gluten Free Restaurants Glasgow

As you will know, it can be a real struggle sometimes to find great gluten free restaurants Glasgow. However, with a bit of a search, you can find loads of up and coming cafes, bars and restaurants that are aiming to be totally, 100% gluten free. This is great for those with intolerances or coeliac disease. It’s a major step forward. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of variety across the types of food you can get. Therefore, Dakhin has come as a bit of a blessing.

A dish with a spritz of lemon at this gluten free restaurants Glasgow.

South Indian Cuisine Comes To Scotland

Although many of us in the UK love our Indian cuisine, most would not be able to tell the difference between an authentic North Indian or South Indian meal. Dakhin is one of the only truly authentic and traditional South Indian gluten free restaurants Glasgow. It is completely different from any experience you may have had with a common Indian takeaway. You need to try it.

Visit Dakhin In Merchant City

The Merchant City is one of the most lively and exciting areas of the city and is full of things to see and do. There are always festivals and street markets on in this area, which makes Dakhin perfectly situated for either a day or night out. The restaurant can be extremely busy at the weekends due to the busy nature of the whole area, but its popularity shows. We recommend booking in advance for the busier times.

Sea bream meal at the top gluten free restaurants Glasgow.

Signature Gluten Free Dishes

At Dakhin, they have many different dishes which you would not expect to be gluten free. For example, one of their signature dishes, the crispy Dosa. This huge, rolled crispy pancake can be filled with a whole range of different fillings from lamb to veggies. The Dosa is by far one of our favourite dishes at this restaurant. Furthermore, Dakhin also serves up gluten free poppadums and even gluten free naans. Due to being the only Indian, 100% gluten free restaurants Glasgow, Dakhin is pioneering the way in Indian food that is authentic as well as gluten free.