Pallet Lifters | What To Consider When Investing In Pallet Lifters

When investing in pallet lifters for your business, it is important to buy the correct one. The relevance of the pallet lifters to your work will depend on many aspects of the pallet lifter itself. This article outlines the main things to note when buying the most useful pallet lifters for your activities.

Manual Pallet Lifters

Hand powered pallet lifters are most common in retail and warehousing situations. Most modern types use a hydraulic jack which is hand-pumped in order to lift the goods.

Pallet Lifters

Powered Pallet Lifters

Also known as electric pallet trucks, powered pallet lifters are motorized in order to lift heavy and often stacks pallets. Some can even have platforms for the user to stand on while utilising the pallet lifter. This lifter is more suited to warehouses that need to move far heavier loads, for example, loading docks.

Load Weight Limit

The load capacity of your pallet lifters will make a massive difference to your choice. Manual lifters have a lift weight of usually up to 2,500kg, but powered versions can have a loading capacity of up to 6,000kg- sometimes more! The products or materials you are going to be lifting will, therefore, affect your choice greatly.


Choosing a pallet lifter with the correct wheels is extremely important. If you are going to be using the lifter outside then more durable wheels will be needed so as not to wear them out and have to repair the lifter more often. Different materials will have different steering difficulty and rolling resistance, so do your research into which wheels work best in the environment you are in.


Always try to look for well-priced pallet lifters that come with a warranty, as a warranty implies that the retailer has trust in the piece of equipment and you can feel more confident using the machinery in your business space.

Lowered Height

How low your pallet lifter can go will also affect your choices, as if you are using small pallets and your lifter does not go down far enough- you have made a wasted purchase. On this note, also note the pallets raised height as if you are planning on lifting the pallets on to shelves etc, you will need a pallet that can do this for you.

Pallet Lifters

Fork Length

The fork length of the pallet lifters is also an important factor to consider. Forks that are too short will not support the load efficiently and may result in damages, whereas forks that are too long will affect how easily your machine can be manoeuvred.