Small Business Opportunities: Industries Tipped For Future


Small businesses make up 99% of the United Kingdom’s economy. They are part of the fabric of the

country and contribute so much. That is why there are new ones popping up every day. People are

constantly looking to take advantage of the gaps that they see in the market. But choosing the right

industry can be difficult. If you go into one that is too competitive or has a lack of demand then you

are setting yourself up to fail. Finding the right small businesses opportunities can be tough, so here

are some of the industries that have been tipped for success:

Virtual Reality

Technology is constantly advancing. One of the biggest advancements in recent times is Virtual

Reality. If you have any sort of experience or know someone that does with the hardware and

software that goes into it, then it could be highly profitable for you. There are so many different

directions that VR can go in. There is film, gaming, social media interactions and more to be taken

advantage of. This is going to be a huge industry.

Small Businesses

Small Business Opportunities: Trades

Skilled tradespeople are always in demand. If you are lucky enough to know or are able to learn

trades such as plumber, electrician, welder or one of the many more out there then look to start

your own business. People have been put off learning a trade for years now due to a perception that

wages aren’t that high – this is not true. With 40% of tradespeople in the US alone expected to retire

in the next ten years, it could be a perfect time.

Home Renovation

The home renovation industry is expected to grow over the next few years – if it’s not huge already.

People love to spend money on their home. People who have backgrounds in construction or

interior design can definitely take advantage of this. As disposable incomes and house prices rise,

the logic will be that people will invest money in their homes.

Small Businesses

Senior Care

People are living longer than they used to. That is a cold hard fact. It is also a business opportunity. If

you can provide a quality senior care service for elderly people then you will make money. Fewer and

fewer pensioners have the desire to move in to care homes. If you are able to provide a service such as

home help, then you will more than likely be on your way to making money.