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How Long Do Glasgow Double Glazing Windows Last?

If you are considering purchasing a new set of Glasgow double glazing windows for your home, then you may be wondering how long these windows will last. The lifespan of double glazed windows can vary, depending on a number of factors, including the quality of installation and the materials used.

Choosing the right windows for your home will help you keep the house warmer, while reducing your heating costs. The type of window you choose also plays an important role in the lifespan of your windows. UPVC windows, for instance, have a long lifespan.

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UPVC double glazed windows are a popular choice for house builders. These windows typically last about 20 years. However, it is possible for them to last for ten, fifteen, or twenty-five years, depending on their quality and upkeep. If you bought them in 1999, they are likely to need replacement or repair. If you’re thinking of installing new double glazed windows, consider a few things to help make your purchase as long-lasting as possible.


Despite their slim profile, aluminium double glazed windows have the added advantage of lasting a long time. They are also made of high-quality glass that prevents heat from escaping. Various features of aluminium windows help them perform well in terms of security, energy efficiency, and overall performance. Some of them even have Aerogel technology, which allows for a U-Value of 0.9.

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If you are considering installing timber double glazed windows in your home, here are some advantages that you should consider. First, when installing timber from Edinburgh and Glasgow double glazing windows companies note that they are more efficient than single glazed windows. Additionally they help to reduce noise and heat transfer. In addition, double glazing adds value to your home, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This way, you will not only have an energy efficient home, but also the added advantage of a high property value.


When you choose fiberglass double glazed windows, you’re getting a durable window that is resistant to the elements. They’re also impact resistant, which makes them safer than other types of windows. They also give you a solid return on investment – up to 85%! These windows also have a minimal impact on the environment compared to other types of windows – because they’re recyclable. They’re an excellent choice for green buildings, since they significantly reduce the carbon footprint of homes.


A vinyl double glazed window is durable and is likely to last for years. The average lifespan is twenty to forty years, although they will break down faster if exposed to harsh sunlight. Windows installed in shady locations are likely to last much longer. But there are some things to consider before making a decision. Read on for some of the most important points to consider. Vinyl windows should be replaced only if they become damaged by weather or neglect.